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Here at EndoArmy, we know firsthand how endometriosis can affect patients’ abilities to work traditional jobs. Hence why we are passionate about supporting home businesses run by individuals in our community. The following products are made or sold by patients or patient allies. What better products for endometriosis patients than ones created by their fellow warriors?!

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 Your purchases at these shops will be supporting warriors in multiple ways. Some shops have decided to make a small donation to our nonprofit when you use this code. Take a look around their pages and see what other endo patients are providing!

Meg was diagnosed with endo at 24 after suffering 13 years. Following treatments, she is now managing much better. Meg wanted to give back to the endo community so she started making and selling bracelets to raise funds for non-profits. To get your bracelet click the link below.

Find Meg on IG:@endomego

Kelly had an onset of endometriosis symptoms at age 12 and was eventually diagnosed at age 44.  She still suffers today and tries to live her best life despite the pain. Take a look around her shop and show her some support.

I was diagnosed in 2018 when I was in the hospital for septicemia. I was given multiple diagnoses but none seemed to fit, I was suspicious I had endometriosis. The doctors did not believe me but pushed for surgery. I finally was told I could have the surgery at the beginning of this year. They did indeed find endometriosis removed it from 3 different areas. I am now recovering and hoping my daily endo pain will reduce once recovered! I make/sell these products to raise awareness for the condition because I feel we need more efforts to raise awareness.

My mom and I started creating this jewelry 3 years ago. We hand forage all the flowers and other plant life seen in our art. About a year ago my endometriosis really started giving me problems, that is when our business really took off. I started getting crippling flare-ups every other day. I was having a hard time balancing my pain every with a regular life and work schedule. I left my job and started focusing on this business full time. It has been a big blessing to be able to do something on my own schedule without fear of judgment when one day I can’t do as much as the previous day.

Melissa struggled with nausea,  food issues, and pain for years until she was finally diagnosed with endo in 2004. At that time she changed her diet and has endured seven surgeries with her latest one in 2020. During this time she also adjusted her diet to remove dairy and gluten which helped her feel better day-to-day. In 2017 she launched a protein bar that would work for her needs without dairy and gluten as well as junk.

Kimberli was diagnosed with endometriosis at 28 after years of suffering & being told nothing was wrong. Today, she is still dealing with symptoms but is learning to manage her pain. Kimberli holds creating endometriosis awareness bracelets, shirts, and stickers close to her heart as she hopes to raise awareness and remind other endo sisters they are more than their illness.

Lowell Hutcheson Designs is a female-owned small business selling bespoke wooden bowls, pens, lamps and more. Lowell was recently diagnosed with endometriosis in July 2020 after 11 years of searching for answers from multiple doctors, with countless tests and procedures. She finds solace and comfort in the transformation of raw wood to beautiful pieces of functional art. She is donating 20% of all proceeds to endometriosis research.

Patient Recommendation List

Together we have made a collaborative list of products for endometriosis patients made by patients. Please note that none of the items below are endorsed or prescribed by EndoArmy specifically. This is merely a collection of items patients have suggested that we are sharing with you. We do not promote using any of these items in lieu of medical help. Please consult your doctors before using any medical devices, supplements, or health-related items listed below. As Amazon affiliates, all items purchased using the links below will create a small donation to EndoArmy at the time of your purchase (no extra cost to you). So please navigate using the links on this page so you can help us help patients! A huge thank you goes to Amy Jane Melhuish and Kianna Scott for taking the time to compile this list of items from endometriosis patients!