Making A Difference

We are not alone, we must step out of our comfort zone and we must speak up. We must build our army. We are each a warrior but a battle has never been won alone. We must raise our voices as our weapons against this disease. We must put our differences aside and come together. We must not stay silent. We must hold each other up. Our pain is strong, our bodies are weak, but our love can change the world!

Funding Care

The financial burden of endometriosis on patients in the US can be astronomical. With this in mind EndoArmy is honored to be able to help patients off set the cost of their medical care through surgical funding.

Local Support Groups

Creating tight-knit local community groups to share support and education. To learn more or to find a support group near you follow the link bellow.

Sources for Learning

Here at EndoArmy we believe every patient should be equipt with knowledge about their health, this disease process, our current medical system, research advances and more. That is why we are creating a vast informational database with easy to access information for our patients.

The Wall Project

Bringing awareness to the many are affected by endometriosis and giving warriors a platform to share their stories, struggles, and encouragement. To learn more or if you are interested in becoming part of the wall project follow the link below.