Events and Fundraisers

What is In store?

Here at EndoArmy we are passionate about bringing patients together, raising support for the many who struggle with endometriosis, and creating public awareness. On this page, you will find more about events we have had or will have in the future that work towards accomplishing these goals!

An inspirational night with world renowed Endo educators and live performances by amazing Endo Artist to raise awarness for all EndoArmy warriors.

A once in a life time ride across the country to bring awarness and media to the  Endometrious movement and honor those who are still in their battle and fellow Endo Army warriors who stand with you on your journey.

Walkers Still Avaliable but the venue is now full.

North Carolina’s First EndoArmy Endo March

Join Karen Scoggins C0-Founder for N.C.’s first ever Endo March on the capital.

We invite you to join us for the Inaugural EndoMarch 2020 Raleigh North Carolina on Saturday, March 28th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

We are all warriors but a battle has never been won alone. We must raise our voices as our weapons. We must not stay silent. We must hold each other up. Our pain is strong, our bodies are weak, but our love can change the world.

Every Endo warrior needs to know they are not alone. You deserve to have fellow Endo Warriors standing with you in your hardest moments from the clinics to your relationships. You deserve to have a voice, you deserve to be seen, and you deserve to know you are not alone.

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