Surgical Sponsorships

EndoArmy has been honored to assist in covering the expenses of excision surgery for patients facing financial hardship. To date, we’ve successfully funded two surgeries—one in 2020 and another in 2023. Their inspiring stories are detailed below. Your generosity in donating to EndoArmy will enable us to continue supporting more patients in need in the future!


Finally Getting Excision!

In 2020, Sherry received vital funding from EndoArmy, which facilitated her long-awaited surgical diagnosis of endometriosis. During her excision surgery, the doctor discovered endometriosis in 16 distinct locations, spanning from her bladder to beneath her heart, and including her uterus, ovaries, and colon. Here are Sherry’s words following her surgery:


“Sept 1st…2 months since the surgery and I must say, these 2 months have brought me more relief than I have ever felt in the past 2 years!!

I’m blessed and ecstatic!
I’ve been able to work without calling out sick!
I haven’t been looking for my pills to hide the pain!
I haven’t been laid up in bed with a heating pad, burning myself, because the pain overrides the heat!
I haven’t made a trip to the hospital, because the pain is too bad and I can’t control it!
EndoArmy and Dr. Barron did this! They made this possible! Without them, I’d still be living a miserable life hoping to find relief. 💛💛 so a big big thank you to Dr. Barron and the EndoArmy Team for helping me live the life I always wanted!”


Support Along the Way.

In 2023, Lyndsey received crucial funding for additional endometriosis surgery. Despite a prior diagnosis and ongoing struggles, she found herself grappling with a resurgence of the condition. During her surgery, a substantial amount of endometriosis was excised, affecting areas surrounding her bowels, bladder, and a 6 cm endometrioma. Additionally, she faces significant scarring and suspects adenomyosis. Lyndsey expresses immense gratitude for the support she received during this pivotal stage of her journey, enabling her to move forward and make plans for ongoing care.

If you wish to help EndoArmy fund more patient care please consider donating. We can’t help without donors like you!