Our Mission

The Dream Becomes Real

The idea of EndoArmy came about after Founder (Kianna Scott) experienced 11 years of pain without a diagnosis. Like many, she had to figure out what disease she had on her own. She saw 7 doctors with no answers. She had to fight unrelentingly until she found one that would believe her pain. After she got her answers, she started a new battle. Learning about a disease most people, including those in the medical industry, know little to very little about. This journey inspired her to start an organization. This organization’s purpose is to create recognition for, give a voice to, and empower the dreams of warriors with endometriosis.

In 2019 Kianna hosted her first EndoArmy gathering in northern Virginia where she met Karen Scoggins. Karen and her husband had a similar dream as Kianna. Together they joined funds, forces, and expertise to turn EndoArmy into a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization made by patients for patients!

To create recognition for, give a voice to, and empower the dreams of warriors with endometriosis.”

As the journey of creating this organization began, fellow warriors started to join. The mission began to take shape. No one person can change how endometriosis is treated. We started to see that in order to win this battle and make a change, we will all need to come together. We are each a warrior but a battle has never been won alone. We must raise our voices as weapons. We must not stay silent. We must hold each other up. Our pain is strong, our bodies are weak, but our love can change the world! EndoArmy is an organization powered not by one endo activist, but many. The goal is to provide approachable, patient-centered public education and community groups.


We are each warriors but a battle has never been won alone. We must raise our voices as our weapons. We must not stay silent. We must hold each other up. Our pain is strong, our bodies are weak, but our love can change the world!”

Kianna remembers the feeling of complete hopelessness when she was told by medical professionals they didn’t have the answers. The despair she felt when she was told to give up on her dreams. Her biggest fear in life was not death. Like many warriors, her biggest fear was to be alive yet unable to live, love, and laugh. After 30 years of pain and improper treatment, Karen knows what it means to suffer a lifetime of pain due to a lack of support and knowledge regarding this disease. Together with countless other warriors who share our story, our hope is that this campaign will make it so no one has to face that fear alone. Our dream for EndoArmy is summed up well using a quote from Jonathan Swift “May you live all the days of your life”

May you live all the days of your life” – Jonathan Swift

Community Groups

Endo Army is helping give a voice to endo warriors and empowering them to pursue proper medical and self-care through creating a network of educated community leaders. These community leaders will be organizing local support and educational gatherings for warriors near them. In the future, we hope to raise enough funds to create fully staffed support centers for anyone struggling with endometriosis. If you are interested in becoming part of a local support network or even becoming a community leader please contact us.


Endo Army is sharing education with patients and practitioners through a multimedia platform. We seek to speak with professionals in the industry and report the latest findings in endometriosis research in a manner that is easy to apply and understand. If you have any questions you would like us to ask a professional or if you are a professional interested in being part of our campaign please feel free to contact us.

 1 in 10, that is how many are affected by endometriosis. You are not alone. Come together, let us raise our voices and fight for change.

Endometrious Awareness

Endo Army seeks to raise awareness both inside and outside the endometriosis community by partnering with and encouraging warriors who influence an array of audiences through their sports, hobbies, art, and businesses to speak up and share our campaign. If you have an audience you would like to reach and are interested in partnering with us please feel free to contact us for more information. Our current campaign is our “ride campaign” to learn more about it, or to find out how you can help follow the link below.

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What Makes Us Different?

Here at EndoArmy we strive to stand above conflict and difference of opinions.

We realize that disagreement fuels research, change, and new findings in the medical community but we also see the toll these conflicts can make on patients. Time and time again we have seen patients lost in the details feeling forced to choose sides on medical topics they can hardly understand much less argue. There for, EndoArmy pushes to present all sides of current information unbiasedly. By doing so we provide patients a safe place to navigate their learning. For example, there is a lot of controversy over if there is a “cure” or “no cure” for endo in the medical community. Here at EndoArmy we understand this is a topic of many conflicts and do not choose a “side”. We choose the facts. We tell patients that with early diagnosis and deep excision by a specialist as high as 80% of patients can live their life without evidence of recurrence. Whether or not this means excision is a cure is up for debate. This is not a debate that impacts patient’s day to day lives if they are given correct information. The real issue is that the successful treatment protocol is extremely hard to access at all much less early. Here at EndoArmy we focus on the fact that most doctors still recommend methods proven to be unsuccessful or even harmful according to recent data. The treatment protocols with majority success rates are not taught in medical schools or in most surgical residencies, not widely covered by insurance, and not easily accessible. Lack of accessible and proper care leads to improper treatments. Improper treatments can lead to the life long detriment of patients even once endo is excised. 

We are not pharma funded, However…

We do educate patients on the pharmaceutical options. We speak transparently both to the benefits and drawbacks of pharma options. We acknowledge that early detection and deep excision may not be an immediately accessible option to all patients based on geography, financial standings, medical history etc. Therefor we believe the best choice for the patient is the choice the patient makes when given all the information.

We are patient-driven,

We resource doctors and medical professionals for their knowledge and guidance when helping patients access information, however, we do not allow doctors on our core team or board. This avoids decision making driven by the desire to funnel patients or create revenue for specific hospitals or medical professionals. This also empowers EndoArmy to continually put patients first and advocate for patients without the involvement of ongoing conflicts and drama in the medical community.

All donations by medical professionals or establishments are nonbinding and do not influence patient advisories.

We are not a referral network. We do share previous patient experiences with medical professionals in a respectful manner to allow patients to make well-informed choices regarding their medical care.

We will never ostracize patients for the medical choices they have made or will make in the future.

Regardless of our personal opinions, we are here to support all patients on each and every one of their journeys even if they do not utilize the information given to them in a way we believe to be best. We understand every patient must take their own journey and battle their own battle. We are here to fight with them not against them! 

“We belive the best choice for the patient is the choice the patient makes when given all the information.”