Our Mission

The Dream Becomes Real

The inception of EndoArmy traces back to its Founder, Kianna Scott, whose journey epitomizes the struggles faced by many battling endometriosis. Enduring 11 years of pain without a diagnosis, Kianna encountered numerous medical dead ends, consulting seven doctors without finding answers. Determined to be heard, she waged a relentless battle until she found a physician who validated her pain.

However, obtaining a diagnosis was just the beginning. Kianna embarked on a new challenge—educating herself about a disease often misunderstood, even within the medical community. This transformative journey ignited her resolve to establish an organization dedicated to raising awareness, amplifying the voices, and empowering the aspirations of endometriosis warriors in Virginia and the surrounding areas.

In 2019, EndoArmy took its initial steps when Kianna hosted her inaugural gathering in the quaint town of Hamilton, Virginia. It was here that EndoArmy and Kianna dream crossed paths with Karen, Lucie, and several others who would become instrumental in shaping the organization’s trajectory. By the end of that transformative year, EndoArmy officially earned recognition as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—by patients, for patients!

To create recognition for, give a voice to, and empower the dreams of warriors with endometriosis.”

As the journey of building this organization unfolded, fellow warriors rallied alongside. A clear mission emerged. We recognized that no single individual can single-handedly revolutionize the treatment of endometriosis. To truly effect change, unity is paramount. We realized that victory in this battle necessitates collective action.

While each of us is a warrior in our own right, history has shown that battles are never won alone. We understood the importance of raising our voices as instruments of change, refusing to remain silent in the face of adversity. Together, we lift each other up, recognizing that our strength lies not only in our pain but also in our unwavering solidarity.

EndoArmy embodies the collective power of many, not just one endo activist. Our objective is clear: to provide accessible, patient-centered public education and foster supportive community groups.


We are each warriors but a battle has never been won alone. We must raise our voices as our weapons. We must not stay silent. We must hold each other up. Our pain is strong, our bodies are weak, but our love can change the world!”

As patients we understand that the greatest fear isn’t always death, but the prospect of life without the ability to truly live.

Our vision for EndoArmy can be aptly captured by a poignant quote from Jonathan Swift: “May you live all the days of your life.”

May you live all the days of your life” – Jonathan Swift

Community Groups

EndoArmy empowers endometriosis warriors by creating a network of informed community leaders in the DMV areas and abroad. These leaders organize local support and educational gatherings. We one day hope to establish fully staffed support centers for those struggling with endometriosis. If you’re interested in joining our network or becoming a community leader, contact us. Together, we can make a difference.


EndoArmy educates patients and practitioners through a multimedia platform, delivering the latest findings in endometriosis research in an accessible format. We engage with industry professionals to ask pertinent questions and report their insights. If you have questions for professionals or are interested in participating in our campaign, please reach out to us. We welcome collaboration to further our mission.


EndoArmy is proud to announce the launch of the EndoEcho Initiative, aimed at uncovering and addressing disparities in endometriosis care. Contact us to learn more about this important initiative and how you can get involved. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by endometriosis.

Endometriosis Awareness

EndoArmy is on a mission to broaden awareness about endometriosis, reaching not only those within the community but also extending our message far beyond. We aim to achieve this by collaborating with passionate warriors across various fields—sports, hobbies, art, and business—who can leverage their influence to amplify our campaign. If you’re driven to make an impact and have an audience you’d like to engage, we’d love to partner with you. For more details on how we can work together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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What About EndoArmy’s Mission is Different?

At EndoArmy, our commitment is to rise above conflict and differing opinions, fostering a community united in support and understanding.

Recognizing both the importance of disagreements in medical progress and their impact on patients, EndoArmy is committed to providing unbiased information and creating a safe space for patients to navigate their understanding without judgment. We refrain from taking sides in debates, prioritizing factual information.

For example, while the debate over whether excision constitutes a “cure” for endometriosis continues, we emphasize the significance of early diagnosis. We inform patients that deep excision by specialists can result in up to an 80% chance of living without recurrence. However, we also acknowledge the challenges many patients face in accessing effective treatment due to economic, geographic, or insurance barriers. Furthermore, we share data demonstrating that certain practices still recommended by many doctors are outdated or harmful.

We focus on inclusivity and Equitable Endometriosis Advocacy .

At EndoArmy, inclusivity is at the heart of our mission. We are committed to using gender-inclusive terminology, recognizing that cisgender males, transgender patients, and gender non-conforming individuals can all be affected by endometriosis. We acknowledge the historical underfunding and lack of research into endometriosis due to its classification as a “women’s” issue, and we advocate for change.

It’s time for all health issues to be researched and funded equally, regardless of the genders they primarily affect. Additionally, we are committed to addressing the historical racial injustices present in gynecologic research and care. We strive to empower change within systems that have been marred by racial disparities. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable future for all those affected by endometriosis.

We are not pharma funded, However…

ndoArmy operates independently from pharmaceutical companies, refraining from accepting any funding from them. However, we do educate patients about pharmaceutical options transparently, highlighting both their benefits and drawbacks.

We recognize that early detection and deep excision may not be immediately accessible to all patients due to factors such as geography, financial standing, or medical history. Therefore, we believe in empowering patients to make informed choices by providing them with all the relevant information.

At EndoArmy, we believe that the best decision for the patient is the one they make when armed with comprehensive information about their options, including pharmaceutical treatments. We advocate for patient autonomy and support their decisions in navigating their healthcare journey.

We are patient-driven,

EndoArmy values the expertise and guidance of doctors and medical professionals in helping patients access information. However, we have a strict policy of not allowing doctors on our core team or board. This decision is aimed at preventing decision-making influenced by the desire to steer patients towards specific hospitals or medical professionals for financial gain.

By maintaining this policy, EndoArmy is empowered to consistently prioritize the needs of patients and advocate on their behalf. It also ensures that our organization remains free from the conflicts and drama that can arise within the medical community, allowing us to focus solely on serving the best interests of those affected by endometriosis.

All donations by medical professionals or establishments are nonbinding and do not influence patient advisories.

EndoArmy emphasizes that we are not a referral network. However, we do facilitate the sharing of previous patient experiences with medical professionals in a respectful manner. This enables patients to make well-informed choices regarding their medical care based on the real-life experiences of others. Our aim is to empower patients with valuable insights while respecting the privacy and dignity of all parties involved.

We will never ostracize patients for the medical choices they have made or will make in the future.

At EndoArmy, our commitment to supporting patients transcends personal opinions. We stand ready to assist every individual on their unique journey, even if they choose not to utilize the information provided in the manner we believe is optimal. We recognize and respect that each patient must navigate their own path and face their own challenges.

Our mission is to stand alongside patients as allies, offering support and guidance as they navigate the complexities of living with endometriosis. We are here to fight with them, not against them, empowering them to make informed decisions and advocating for their well-being every step of the way.

“We belive the best choice for the patient is the choice the patient makes when given all the information.”