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Kianna Scott

Welcome to EndoArmy,
I have had endometriosis symptoms since I was about 11. At my time of the month, I would have so much pain I would throw up and see spots. The first physician I saw told me that “some women just have painful periods”. I thought it was normal so I attempted to carry on with my life. It was not until I started having crippling back pain that I started seeking more answers. First, I didn’t think about the fact that the back pain and the painful periods could be related. I saw multiple orthopedic and spinal specialists. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and some changes in my disks. Yet nothing that the doctors thought should be causing all my pain. I was told to change careers, stop riding horses, and to go on anxiety medications.
I refused to accept this answer and after research on my own, I became suspicious that I might have endometriosis. I pursued a visit to an OB/GYN. After taking a history, detailed exam, and ultrasound I spoke with the surgeon. They wanted to get me into surgery right away. Endometriosis had ravaged my pelvis and abdomen: my bowels, my spine, my ovaries, my uterus, my diaphragm. It was everywhere. It led to secondary issues and conditions some of the most significant being damage to bowels and mutated cells near my right ovary. In surgery, they did damage control, removed what they could, and closed me up. My surgery was followed by multiple medical and injectable treatments. It gave me relief and likely saved my life, but I know they were unable to remove multiple areas of endometriosis. I will likely need another surgery in my future.
I have learned so much about endo since my surgery. I have spent countless hours studying. Before surgery, I thought endometriosis was a painful period and pelvic only disease. I have now learned and experienced first hand that endo is a systemic disease that can grow just about anywhere in the body and lead to devastating secondary effects (ovarian cancer, autoimmune disease, etc).

Kianna Scott (Founder)

11 years to Dx, 1 surgery

Karen Scoggins

Welcome to EndoArmy,
Endo began to affect my life not long after puberty began. From there I battled every day to feel well and by the time I was in my twenties my revolving door of surgeries began. All the while, many times, I had to deal with doctors who were willing to diagnose me with everything but endometriosis. I fought, I prayed and still was left looking for hope and a listening ear.
Endometriosis was found and shut down my gallbladder and appendix. Endo fused my pelvis aka “frozen pelvis”, it went through my sigmoid colon, grew its own nerves, causing my ovaries to grow cysts that would constantly rupture, causing me to have 11 surgeries. Endo was found in both my lungs at age 28. I had a hysterectomy at age 30 (doctor left my left ovary only). At age 38 that left ovary had multiple cysts which caused it to torsion twice, stopping blood flow. So it had to be removed. There are 4 stages of Endometriosis and I was stage 4 at age 23. Here I am still fighting this awful disease. I choose to speak out instead of keeping silent in hopes that others won’t feel alone.

Karen Scoggins (Co-Founder)

11 Years to Dx,11 Surgeries

Amy Melhuish

From their old stone house in the stunning South of France, Amy Jane helps women of all ages be chronically awesome and lead the life they desire: their own.
Think: Mary Poppins meets Rosie the Riveter. A duffle bag full of questionable humor, warm smiles, tough love, free-from food, the odd power tool, a bit of woo, strategical thinking, and heat pads.
Amy Jane has most certainly led a ‘full’ and interesting life. One that has had many plot twists along the way, ‘thanks’ to Endometriosis!!! It took Amy 13 years to be diagnosed after the onset of her symptoms at the age of 14. Suffering from endo for 26 years Amy has undergone 9 surgeries in multiple countries including her hysterectomy. She is still fighting for correct and appropriate treatment for her body-wide symptoms. 26 years has made her an ‘expert patient, and very patient’.
In realizing that things haven’t changed much in the decades she’s been suffering from endo, she is drawing on her business experience and grit, pulling up her big pants, and making it her mission to launch a more effective information sharing platform through EndoGate™ as soon as humanly possible. She is partnering with EndoArmy to move forward as a collaborative team to reach as many warriors as possible.

Amy Melhuish (Partner)

13 years to Dx, 9 surgery








There Has to be a Better Way Forward

EndoArmy was created by endo warriors for endo warriors.  Our goal is to help as many individuals affected by endometriosis as possible. We hope to help each warrior feel less lonely, to not give up on their dreams, and to be more educated on this disease process. We are done standing by while so many are suffering in silence. Just because there isn’t cure right now doesn’t mean all is lost. To bring understanding and awareness to this horrible disease is to also bring hope. We are Warriors.