Meet The Team

Please take a moment to to meet the team of volunteers, tirelessly dedicating their time and effort to make EndoArmy possible.

Kianna Scott

Since the age of 10, Kianna has grappled with the symptoms of endometriosis, enduring excruciating pain. Despite her distress, physicians initially dismissed her symptoms as commonplace, with one even suggesting that her struggles were due to an inability to handle stress in her career. Undeterred by these dismissals, Kianna embarked on her own quest for answers, suspecting endometriosis. A visit to an alleged “endometriosis specialist” confirmed her suspicions, revealing the extent of the condition’s impact on her body. However, Kianna’s journey took a distressing turn with poorly executed surgeries and the unethical over-prescription of life-altering medications, exacerbating her suffering. Recognizing the detrimental practices within the endometriosis care industry, Kianna became impassioned about advocacy and education. Thus, EndoArmy was born from her own experiences, evolving into a collective effort to support and empower those affected by the condition.


When Kianna isn’t devoting her time to aiding patients, she immerses herself in the operation of her homestead, seeking solace and restoration through regenerative land practices, tending to her crops, and caring for animals. Furthermore, she utilizes her knowledge as a licensed veterinary technologist to research and counsel others on animal nutrition and behavior. An enthusiastic outdoorswoman and accomplished equestrian, these passions, once thought out of reach during her battle with endometriosis, now serve as symbols of her resilience and unwavering commitment to embracing life to its fullest despite challenges

Kianna Scott (Founder & Director)

11 years to Dx, 3 surgeries

Lesley Boadu, women's health advocate and aspiring OB/GYN

Lesley Boadu (EndoEcho Leader)

Patient Ally

Lesley Boadu

Lesley Boadu, a recent graduate from the University of Richmond, has earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. A passionate advocate for women’s health and a champion against racial disparities in healthcare, Lesley has taken a significant step towards her goals by spearheading EndoEcho, an initiative focused on educating and raising awareness about endometriosis, with a special emphasis on the health disparities affecting Black women. With her deep commitment to advancing healthcare equity, Lesley aspires to pursue a career as an OB/GYN, where she aims to contribute meaningfully to eradicating health disparities in the medical field, ensuring better outcomes and empowerment for OB/GYN patients of all backgrounds.

Lucie Amrhein Miller

Lucie Amrhein Miller (@life.w.lucie) was an early advocate for EndoArmy, attending its first gathering as the youngest participants. Since then, she has seamlessly integrated into the EndoArmy family. With a diverse background spanning mental health counseling, community health education, event coordination, disability advocacy, and entrepreneurship, Lucie brings a wealth of experience to the team. Lucie never fails to bring a smile to the face of people around her. Her personal journey navigating Endometriosis and related conditions ignites her dedication to giving back to the community that has taught her so much. Lucie is thrilled to contribute to the EndoArmy team, shining a light on disparities that no patient should ever endure.

When Lucie isn’t paving the way for others she may be found visiting local coffee shops, spending time with family, or enjoying her favorite Disney movie.
Lucie Amrhien Miller, community mental health advocate.

Lucie Amrhien (Advocacy Specialist)

11 years to Dx, 4 surgeries

Angie Roeder (Patient Advisor)

2 Years to Dx, 3 Surgeries

Angie Roeder

Angie stands as a testament to the transformative impact of EndoArmy’s mission. Initially seeking answers after her undiagnosed endometriosis wreaked havoc post-c-section, Angie found solace and empowerment through EndoArmy’s support. With the organization’s assistance, she educated herself and connected with a care team that restored her quality of life. Beyond receiving aid, Angie has emerged as a devoted advocate and philanthropist. With a passion for social causes, she has catalyzed numerous non-profits and remains an indispensable member of the EndoArmy community. Her unwavering support, guidance, and generosity have left an indelible mark, from offering her family’s beautiful home to host guest speakers to organizing events at her winery. Despite relocating to California, Angie continues to champion the cause, staying engaged and providing support wherever possible. Her dedication epitomizes the spirit of solidarity and compassion that defines EndoArmy’s mission.

When Angie isn’t hard at work you may find her playing with her rescue dogs, spending time with her son, or cuddling with her pigs.

Karen Scoggins

Welcome to EndoArmy,
Endo began to affect my life not long after puberty began. From there I battled every day to feel well and by the time I was in my twenties my revolving door of surgeries began. All the while, many times, I had to deal with doctors who were willing to diagnose me with everything but endometriosis. I fought, I prayed and still was left looking for hope and a listening ear.
Endometriosis was found and shut down my gallbladder and appendix. Endo fused my pelvis aka “frozen pelvis”, it went through my sigmoid colon, grew its own nerves, causing my ovaries to grow cysts that would constantly rupture, causing me to have 11 surgeries. Endo was found in both my lungs at age 28. I had a hysterectomy at age 30 (doctor left my left ovary only). At age 38 that left ovary had multiple cysts which caused it to torsion twice, stopping blood flow. So it had to be removed. There are 4 stages of Endometriosis and I was stage 4 at age 23. Here I am still fighting this awful disease. I choose to speak out instead of keeping silent in hopes that others won’t feel alone.

Karen Scoggins (Co-Founder)

11 Years to Dx, 11 Surgeries

Amy Melhuish (Partner)

13 years to Dx, 9 surgeries

Amy Melhuish

From her charming old stone house nestled in the picturesque South of France, Amy Jane empowers women of all ages to embrace their chronic conditions and lead lives aligned with their desires. Picture a blend of Mary Poppins’ nurturing spirit with the resilience of Rosie the Riveter. Armed with a duffle bag brimming with humor, warm smiles, tough love, nourishing foods, the occasional power tool, a sprinkle of spirituality, strategic thinking, and comforting heat pads, Amy Jane offers holistic support.

Amy Jane’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable, punctuated by unexpected twists—courtesy of her battle with Endometriosis. Enduring a staggering 26 years of suffering, Amy faced a daunting 13-year diagnostic odyssey that began at the tender age of 14. With nine surgeries across multiple countries, including a hysterectomy, she continues to advocate for comprehensive and tailored treatment for her widespread symptoms. Accumulating expertise through her relentless perseverance, Amy Jane has become an “expert patient,” mastering the art of patience along the way.

Recognizing the stagnant landscape surrounding Endometriosis care despite decades of personal struggle, Amy draws upon her business acumen and unyielding determination. Donning her metaphorical big pants, she embarks on a mission to launch EndoGate™, a pioneering information-sharing platform aimed at revolutionizing how Endometriosis is understood and managed. Collaborating with EndoArmy, Amy Jane is determined to amplify her impact by reaching as many warriors as possible, forging ahead as part of a united front.








There Has to be a Better Way Forward

EndoArmy, forged by endo warriors themselves, stands as a beacon of support for those grappling with Endometriosis. Our mission is simple yet profound: to extend a helping hand to as many individuals affected by this condition as possible. We strive to alleviate the sense of isolation that often accompanies Endometriosis, to reignite the flames of hope within each warrior, and to foster a deeper understanding of this challenging disease.

No longer content to stand idly by while countless suffer in silence, we refuse to accept defeat. Though a definitive cure may elude us for now, our resolve remains unwavering. By shedding light on the complexities of Endometriosis, we sow the seeds of hope and resilience. We are Warriors, united in our quest to empower, educate, and advocate for all those touched by this affliction.