How You Can Help!

EndoArmy is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible. If you are interested in donating to EndoArmy financially send us an email or donate to through PayPal. Don’t have money? We understand! We are often looking for businesses to partner with when hosting events. If you have goods our services you could provide please reach out or consider being one of our invaluable volunteers!

ease click on the link below.

EndoEcho Educational Workshop

The EndoEcho initiative, lead by Lesley Boadu, is dedicated to “Echoing Voices of Disparities in Endometriosis through Education and Awareness.” Commencing on July 15th, 2024, the EndoEcho project will conduct a 6-day educational workshop involving healthcare professionals, patients, and experts in disparity care. This event will take place in Henrico/Richmond, VA. If you wish to support the EndoEcho project through donations, please click on the link below.

Surgical Funding

EndoArmy is committed to ensuring that individuals battling Endometriosis receive the necessary surgical care, regardless of their financial circumstances. Many patients facing this debilitating condition are unable to afford the important surgical interventions they require. Through generous donations from supporters like you, EndoArmy provides financial assistance to cover the costs of surgeries for those in need. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of these patients, offering them hope and access to essential medical treatments. Join us in our mission to alleviate the financial burden on Endometriosis patients and help them regain their health and quality of life. Your support can truly change lives. To learn more about our surgical funding initiate please see our Patient Funding page.


As a thank you to our donors we will honor your gift in the following ways:

All donors will receive a tax-deductible charitable donation receipt for their gift. All gifted items will also receive a donation reicpt of equivalent same cash value.

 If you are interested in becoming an EndoArmy sponsor and would like a copy of our sponsor levels please send us an email!

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There Is a Better Way Forward

EndoArmy was created by endo warriors for endo warriors.  Our goal is to help as many individuals affected by endometriosis as possible. We hope to help each warrior feel less lonely, to not give up on their dreams, and to be more educated on this disease process. We are done standing by while so many are suffering in silence. Just because there isn’t cure right now doesn’t mean all is lost. To bring understanding and awareness to this horrible disease is to also bring hope. WE ARE WARRIORS.