What does the Pacific Crest Trail and a horse have to do with endometriosis? They are both part of a dream that endometriosis almost stole!

My name is Kianna, if you read the meet the Meet The Team” section of this site you already know a bit about my story. Before being diagnosed with endometriosis, I suffered in silence for years. The pain became debilitating in 2016. At that point I pursued medical care with no relief for almost a year. Radiographs, MRIs, PT, steroids, opiods… still no answers.  One night, I collapsed on the floor unable to stand. I was overcome by crippling back pain. I was referred to a spinal specialist. The specialist was convinced my back pathology did not completely explain the extent of my pain. When I didn’t improve with his suggestions I was told I needed to stop riding horses, change careers, and take anxiety medications.

That conversation took me to one of the lowest points in my life. I was 22 years old. I was being told my best option was to give up on my dreams. I was lead to believe the pain was in my head. I started to spiral out of control. I battled my own thoughts. I was over come with the reality that I was alive but unable to live. I sought out any sign that the pain was real. I don’t remember how I figured out that painful periods and back pain could both be caused by endometriosis but I did. I decided to find a gynecologist. I got lucky. I went to a nurse practitioner who knew her information. She referred me on to a surgeon who, I believe, saved my life. He saved my life in a physical manner. The damage endometriosis had caused to my internal organs was life threatening. However, the psychological damage caused by blaming myself for unexplained physical pain would have killed my spirit long before my body. No one should have to face giving up their future because of a medical condition they have never even heard of. My entire life has been spent focused on advancing my skills in the equine (horse) industry. I have many dreams both as a rider and professional in veterinary medicine. Endometriosis almost stole that from me. Had I not found the right professional to diagnose me it would have.

The psychological damage caused by blaming my mind for unexplained physical pain would have killed my spirit long before my body. No one should have to face giving up their future because of a medical condition they have never even heard of.

Getting surgery lead to a diagnosis and marked relief in my pain levels. I also regained hope that I could continue pursuing my dreams. After experiencing the devastation of this disease, I also have a new dream. I dream of raising awareness so other warriors like myself can still have a hope for their future.

The ride campaign blends my dreams as an equestrian with my dreams as an endometriosis awareness advocate. I plan to journey from Mexico to Canada on horse back. During this time I will pass through 10 states. In each state I hope to speak at high schools, colleges, with news reporters and more. I hope to gain the attention of warriors suffering in silence and inspire them not to give up on their dreams. I, also, hope to gain sponsors interested in donating a set amount per mile to go to EndoArmy’s non-profit efforts.

Donation & Sponsor Information

In order to make this campaign a success we are seeking both monetary and equipment donations. If you are willing to donate or if you are a company interested in sponsoring the campaign please follow the links below.

What is the PCT?

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,650 mile long path from Mexico to Canada. It passes through California, Oregon, and Washington. On the trail you journey through deserts, forests, the Sierras and more. Thousands of hikers and equestrians enjoy the PCT every year. However, the few who are able to complete the entire trail become part of the community known as the “thru hikers or riders”. For more information on the PCT follow the link below.

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